Quamba's townball tradition January 25, 2012

Stan Peterson resurrected the Quamba Cubs amateur baseball team in 1990 after a 24-year absence, bringing baseball back to a town with 98 people. Video by: McKenna Ewen Photography by: Jerry Holt © Star Tribune – Republished with Permission. This video originally appeared on StarTribune.com on June 15, 2011.

Training camp with Uncle Milty January 25, 2012

Milt Toratti, 68, of St. Peter travels to Vikings training camp every year to pump up rookie players and pick up autographs. Toratti says the key to a successful training camp is finding a way to “be different.” © Star Tribune – Republished with Permission. This video originally appeared on StarTribune.com on August 11, 2011.

Using time-lapse video to tell a story April 19, 2011

Almost every day I come across a brilliant time-lapse video that I haven’t seen before. Just when I think they can’t get any better, I find an even better one in another beautiful location. One of my personal favorites was shot by photographer Terje Sorgjerd in Norway near the Russian border. The Gladiator soundtrack doesn’t hurt. Less than a month later, Sorgjerd produced a second video from El Teide, one of Spain’s highest mountains, near the Teide Observatories. Beautiful once…

Photos from 2010 Vikings Season January 2, 2011

As part of my work at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, I was fortunate to photograph a very eventful Vikings season. The year included a 40-year old quarterback’s comeback, unexpected trades, significant firings and a stadium collapse. These are my photos to document a very memorable year. Enjoy! All work © StarTribune.

Tips and tricks for DSLR video November 5, 2010

Digital SLRs are making it much easier for visual journalists to share cinematic stories. As part of ONA’s 2010 convention, a panel of elite visual journalists addressed the challenges of shooting video with digital SLRs and provided workflow suggestions to make for a better product. The panel, moderated by NAU’s Kurt Lancaster, featured independent filmmaker Danfung Dennis, video journalist Travis Fox and photographer / videographer Rii Schroer. Full video from the panel is available here: